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Choosing Frames and Windows for Your House

Regardless of whether you do it on your own or call a professional, replacing or installing windows is a process that involves making informed decisions.


For instance, you have to consider the type of window you will install and the best frame that’ll meet your personal preferences and your home’s needs.


Style: A Key Consideration

There are many sizes and shapes of windows. Selecting them often depends on the architecture behind a house. Hence, the selected windows should be appropriate for your house.

More so, windows matter when it comes to heat transfer especially if you reside in an area with extreme weather.

Some frames and glazing can help in reducing thermal gains and losses and this would improve the comfort in your home while saving on energy bills.

Besides offering aesthetic and light benefits, windows also assist in providing extra security. It’s crucial to go for the type of windows that enhance your home’s security.

For instance, large windows that make it hard to install barriers to keep off burglars might be an inappropriate option for the rooms facing a street and on the bottom floor. However, this would depend on where you live.


The Most Widely Used Types of Windows Are:

Fixed Windows- They are generally designed to let light in while keeping weather out. Hence, they never open. These windows are often rectangular in shape and plain, but some have an arc shape.


Hinged Windows- They are maneuverable such that you can either open or shut them as needed. The glass pane fits snugly on the frame such that the window is not fully weather proof once shut. More so, they open wide such that they let it a lot of light and air.


Sliding Windows- They usually slide either vertically or horizontally. Modern choices of sliding windows offer more light but open just about halfway of their size.


Pivot Windows– Just like their name, they’re mounted on a pivotinghinge at the center and this makes it possible to rotate them 360 degrees. Hence, it is easy to clean them when inside the house. They are convenient when installed in upper floors where cleaning them would be difficult from the outside. They are mostly used as skylights.

There’re other many types of windows and different variations of the ones mentioned. When choosing the type of a window, it is crucial to consider the different options available, just like when choosing the ideal type of a frame for the window.

Making the best decisions should involve professional advice.


How to Choose Window Frames

Selecting the ideal window frame is equally important as choosing an ideal window or glazing. There are three key types of window frames available. They include:


Wood Frames: They are an appealing and attractive option for most people. They suit in different kinds of homes especially those that have minimal modern design since wood offers a traditional appearance.

Wood is a poor heat conductor and keeps the home cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Wood is also practical and aesthetic but it requires a lot of maintenance. Frames made of wood have to be repainted after some few years.


uPVC Frames: uPVC frames are a good alternative to the wooden ones. They are popular since they are poor heat conductors and require little maintenance.


Steel and Aluminium Frames: These frames are currently the most popular choices for modern homes due to their aesthetic features.


They do not demand a lot of maintenance but their major disadvantage is their ability to conduct heat. Hence they’re not as energy efficient as wooden and UPVC frames.

If you have challenges in deciding the best window frame, then going for a composite type would be the ideal choice. Composite frames are designed to enjoy the benefits that come with wood and aluminum frames.

Although they are more expensive, they are the best choice. They’re mostly made using fiberglass and you can have them painted to give them a natural look.

Choosing window frames, in conclusion, is not just about the wrong or right choice, but is also about considering all options and making a more informed decision.

You may also draw the knowledge of window professionals when assessing your alternatives.

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