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Do Steel Door And Window Frames Warp In Hot Climates?

Homeowners who live in hotter areas and are thinking of buying door and window frames made of steel often wonder whether steel warps under heat. The answer is no.


The building standards for making steel frames in Australia require manufacturing of steel frames that can withstand fire for two hours on the minimum. Fire is hotter than many hours of sunlight. Hence, steel will not warp in hot climates.

Like any other metal, steel conducts heat. This means it can become hot when exposed to sunlight for a long period. However, this cannot get it anywhere close to its warping or melting point. Steel’s melting point is around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit (1370 degrees Celsius).

If you consider the possibility of giving it a general melting point as a result of the different alloys that are used in making steel products, you will still fail to reach its melting under sunlight.


For instance, the lowest grade steel has a melting point of 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (150 to 200 degrees Celsius) and such low grade steel is not even used in buildings or homes. Such temperatures are still too high to realize under sunlight.

If you use steel frames to hold double glass panes, then you will have windows that are more energy efficient. They are good in preventing drafts. Hence, they make a home more comfortable during both winter and summer seasons.


In reality, steel may only warp due to two temperature conditions. One condition is when there is uneven distribution of heat where a hotter part expands more than a cooler part.

The other condition is where there is internal stress as a result of poor manufacturing. However, these problems never arise where the window and door frames are made of high-quality steel.

Consumers always find many reasons for buying these frames. Steel makes extremely strong frames that can support larger and heavier windows. More so, steel is long lasting and it can actually outlast the pane or even a building itself.

Since steel is strong, you will not require using a lot of material to support a window like in the case of vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Hence, you can use small-sized frames made of steel to allow maximum entry of light into a room.



This also means that cross members are not a necessity since small panes might obstruct you from having beautiful views of the outside environment.

With this information in mind, it is clear that steel frames rarely warp due to exposure in hot climates. They offer an unobstructed outside view and offer maximum strength.

They also last long such that they support glass panes for decades. They also come with a coating that makes them resist rust and most of the steel windows and doors constructed today do not demand a lot of maintenance.