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Fire Rated Steel Windows-Their Importance in Commercial Buildings

Building regulations in many municipalities demand the use of steel windows that are fire rated in some building situations such as commercial buildings. Such windows offer extra protection levels to the occupants of a building, fire fighters, and adjacent buildings in case there is a fire.


These are two main fire ratings on steel windows. For instance, there are those with a burn time of 45 minutes and those with a burn time of one hour. This allows firefighters to have some extra time for bringing a fire under control in a building. It also assists in preventing the fire from spreading to the adjacent buildings. The material is also quite durable under hot temperatures.

A crucial part of buildings are the windows. They allow for ventilation and light into a building. In case of fires, normal windows present hazards to a building and its occupants, the adjacent buildings, and fire fighters.


If such a window breaks, the result is that it brings back drafts and a fire might spread to larger proportions. Fresh oxygen will also smolder items to burn more and this is extremely dangerous to people who might be in the specific building.

Building regulations are usually set to ensure people in a building and fire fighters are protected. Hence, the architectural designs of buildings have to adhere to the set guidelines and contractors have to ensure that they use materials that meet an architect’s plan.

During earlier years, windows that are fire rated looked industrial. They usually had steel frames with single glass panels. However, such windows now look more decorative like vinyl, aluminum or classic wooden windows.


Windows made of steel are designed to last for as long as the building lasts. The steel frames are galvanized under a hot dip to prevent them from rusting. Although galvanized steel tends to resist paint, its advantage is that it forms a great surface for applying a polyester coating resin.

This resin lasts long and keeps the windows looking like new for many years. Hence, you will not have to repaint the windows from time to time. Most manufacturers offer frames with different finishes such as white and brown and optional ones like copper, nickel, brass, and bronze among others.

These windows also come in different styles that match with those made using other materials. You can get casement windows, the double hung types, and even sliders. Windows are always viewed as eyes of any building.


Windows are essential for many reasons. For instance, no one would want to work in a building that does not allow natural light to enter or one that lacks ventilation. A person’s disposition is always improved when seeing the nature outside. However, windows can be a hazard whenever there is a fire.

The dangers posed by windows when a fire breaks out can be lowered by using steel windows that are fire rated. They protect properties in case of a fire, including adjacent properties. Most importantly, they protect people, including occupants of a building and fire firefighters.

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