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Tips on Removing Rust from Steel Doors and Windows

Steel is usually an alloy made up of iron, to a greater extent, and other materials. If iron in the steel alloy gets exposed to oxygen in the air, oxidation may occur and this leads to a red flaking, which is referred to as rust.

Luckily enough, there are simple solutions that aid in preventing rust on steel and reversing the effects of rust when steel shows any signs of rusting.


Although some steel products are prone to rust due to the corrosive aspect of iron in the alloy, windows and doors made of steel are now coated using a rust resistant material to prevent rust.

However, older steel frames might not have been treated to resist rust or the preventive coating has been wearing off as a result of prolonged exposure and age.

You will just require simple tools to get an older steel window or door looking like new. For instance, you can start with assembling the right tools to do the work.

The basic items you need are a hammer, gloves, wire or paint brushes, chisel, paint scraper, a zinc primer, a rust protector or remover, a paint stripper or thinner, and paint. You’ll also require epoxy filler for filling any damaged areas or gaps.

Refurbishing your doors and windows made of steel should start with cleaning them properly. Start with removing the older paint by scrapping it off. Use a chisel to remove rust as much as possible.

Once you remove the rust, brush off any small pieces of rust that might remain using a wire brush. Then use the paint brush to brush off any remaining debris to leave the steel surface clean and smooth. Once the steel surface is prepared, fill any gaps or holes using an epoxy and allow it to dry completely.


You can now start painting the frame using a rust remover. Doing this will ensure that you will get a quality and long lasting finish. Once you’re ready to start repainting the steel frame, ensure you start with applying a zinc primer coating to assist in preventing future rusting.

Let the primer dry and paint the steel surface. Apply two coats of paint and allow the first coat of paint to dry before applying the second coat.

It is true that refurbishing your steel window or door frame tends to be a daunting task. However, the durability and strength of using steel frames makes them worth such stress.

Resurfacing steel is done rarely and this makes it convenient for any homeowner to use door and window frames made of steel.