Quality Products

We design the finest hand crafted Steel doors & windows in Sydney. We specialise in French, Bi-folding, single doors, fixed windows and casement windows. We always strive to provide our customers with quality products and excellent support.

Customer Service

We strive to deliver the best in the personal service and believe the owner of the company should be involved with every client order to ensure the needs of the project are met.


All of our products are hand crafted and the process is a detailed step by step process including sand blasting, hot zinc sprayed and then the final stage of painting to create a black smooth matt like finish.

Steel Door Hardware

All standard hardware is including with our doors and windows. We also have a selection of standard hardware for the main handle and lock. Alternatively as every project is different you can also source your own handle lock hardware.

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Benefits of Steel Doors & Windows in Sydney

Consider the numerous advantages of steel windows and doors when faced with the decision to purchase a new or replacement window or door for your home or business. They will provide you with a substantial return on investment to your property.

The safety features, enhanced security, increased durability, and options for customization prove that these doors and windows are remarkable. This is an appropriate solution for new building design, remodels, renovations, and residential or commercial properties in Sydney.

We can design them by keeping aesthetics in mind and provide strength and durability while delivering an attractive grand entry way to your building. The use of steel helps enhance the environment by preserving wood from trees that would otherwise be used in the formation of wood doors and frames.

When faced with the need to purchase a door, take the time to research the options and understand the differences. The most cost-effective solution is not always the best decision to meet your bottom line or reach your goals.

Investing in a premium metal door is an energy efficient approach for the budget conscious homeowner or business owner. Carefully evaluate the environmental conditions in your geographic area and the overall crime rate in your neighborhood. If there is a high incidence of forced entry or vandalism, consider steel doors and frames of a high grade rating to provide maximum protection.

Less durable building materials, such as wood, may sustain significant damage and splintering in the event of a forced entry attempt. Lower quality building materials may require frequent preventative maintenance, repairs, and regular painting.

Doors can be made of various building materials ranging from wood, plastic, fiberglass, and varying grades of steel gauge. Understanding the quality is equally as important as the financial investment.

Doors made of weaker building materials, such as aluminum, are subject to bending and denting in sustained weather conditions. Similarly, aluminium or fiberglass doors and frames may be unable to handle the stress of repetitive attempts at entry with a pry bar or crow bar.


Although the initial investment on steel framed windows and doors may appear greater, the overall return on investment far outweighs the alternatives. Low quality building materials may require several replacements over the course of property ownership.

A wise investment in high quality steel doors and window frames will maintain strength and durability over time. Choosing these will provide a little or no maintenance approach to sustained security and safety.

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