STEEL DOOR manufactures Steel Doors & Windows. Steel Doors are known for their clean European lines and minimalist quality. We can supply your steel door architectural needs for a new construction or renovation . With our in house CAD department we can provide the right design for your next project.

  • Hand crafted
  • Smooth matt black finish
  • Profiles provide minimal style and design whilst providing solid structure and support
  • Heavy duty weather stripping
  • We use the finest quality primers and paints

We design & manufacture the finest hand crafted steel doors . We are successful in providing our customers with personal detailed service & beautiful, quality products.

steel windows and doors - h&g


The impact of steel doors can be very significant, dramatically effecting the decor. Our Steel Doors and windows are a unique product which creates an impressive sense of openness grandeur to each room.  It creates the ultimate design unto which the style and decor of the project is fulfilled.  The elegance of the steel doors and windows provides a gorgeous look and functionality.

If you are seeking a product with a narrow sight line, providing functionality and elegance and understated taste, then Steel Door will meet your expectations. We work directly with architects and directly with the customer to ensure your individual needs and requirements are met. We do recommend before any purchase you inspect the product in person to ensure the product is right for your project.

With the proper maintenance your steel door product should last a lifetime. Nothing is maintenance free when exposed to the harsh weather elements and the UV light rays is bound to weather the paint. Keeping the top layer of paint in good condition will ensure the product’s lifelong beauty. Whether indoors or outdoors Steel will fade and eventually rust. If the steel windows and doors are within a few hundreds of feet from the ocean, then visual inspection every 2 years is advised along with regular washing with water to remove any salt build up which shows as a  build up on the steel frames.

No certification for Basix is not available. We can provide a glazing certification on request.

Our steel doors and windows are designed to be installed with great ease. In our Series, the doors and windows are manufactured  designed to surface mount onto the prepared framed opening. We provide the builder or the subcontractor with installation instructions and can assist with all technical details.

Our products are of the highest quality and we request quality driven contractors to handle our products.  We strongly recommend that all prepared suitable openings are approved by your Engineer and or builder. The opening must be level and plumb and include a top supporting beam and two supportive side posts for fixture of the frame. The doors are external folding doors and therefore the frame must sit flush to the outside walls to allow clearance of the doors to fold back.

It’s hard to compare steel windows and doors with those made of wood, or aluminum , as they have a completely incomparable look. All of our units are built to order and completely handcrafted. They will no doubt add to the perceived value of your home.