Sliding Doors Made Of Steel: Seamless Transition with Contemporary Style

Establishing a seamless connection between the outdoors and indoors works as a contemporary décor that will always stand the test of time.

Today’s most attractive architectural designs include sets of doors and windows that open up the walls to form a seamless connection between the outdoors and living spaces.

Bringing your outdoors in is a decision that can have a major impact on the overall design of a home. This can make your home feel more expansive and larger. It would also flood the interior space with natural lighting and give you full and open views.

But how will you create a seamless connection between the outside and the inside without sacrificing thermal performance, style, and function?

Nowadays, steel sliders offer designers, builders and architects with one solution that solves several challenges that come up when creating this transition.

We installed steel doors at the Absolute Summit SEO office, and these doors have a unique advantage when it comes to strength. Frames made of steel can carry heavier loads than wooden ones. This makes steel a perfect alternative for larger glass panes.

Steel also has narrow sightlines, thus reducing view obstructions and the visible frame. If you desire to have glass walls that will open up your space to the nature outside, then consider using steel frames for your windows.

Sliding doors that are made of steel also have the benefit of saving space. With these doors, you will get larger door spaces without necessarily taking up any extra space.

Out swing or in swing doors such as the classic French patio door require minimal clearance for swinging out or into the room.

This tends to limit placement of rugs, furniture and any other elements around the door opening.

A sliding door removes this barrier since it doesn’t require floor clearance to open it up. If you choose sliding doors over swing doors, you will immediately add to the building’s square footage.

These doors offer designers and architects different configurations that assist in meeting any design functionality and aesthetic.

At Steel Door, we offer the following steel sliding options:

Bottom Roll Doors

Bottom roll steel sliding doors operate by riding along a track at the floor and have a brush weather strip. The rollers take the weight of the door.

They don’t have a metal sill or step, hence they are an excellent option for extending an interior finish to connect your inside to the outdoor.


Top Hung Doors

Top hung steel sliding doors usually have a top track and trolley from where the door hangs.

Hence, the weight of the entire door is carried from the top, making it easy and effortless to slide the door across a minimal guide track. Since the track is not raised, there is seamless connection between the outside and the inside.


Lift Slide Doors

Lift slide doors made of steel typically lift and then slide onto bottom rollers once opened. They offer a tight weather seal once lowered and closed.

The weather strip beneath every sash operates by compression, creating a water and airtight sliding door. This type of door is suitable for any high exposure application.


Large Glass Sliders

Extra large glass panels are a great choice for sliding doors with steel frames. Our large sliders for glass panels have robust profiles that create a deep pocket for glass.

This makes it possible to have floor track with zero-transition to allow for a seamless indoor to outdoor transition.

Traditionally, architects and designers who wanted doors made of steel settled on hinge operation. Today’s designers and architects can now get a wide open wall with these doors.

The strength of steel makes it hold even the largest glass panes safely. Unlike wood, that requires extra large frames to effectively hold heavy loads, steel can hold heavy load while steel allowing for narrow sightlines to open up the space further.

Today, these doors come with many options and configurations to choose from. Flat transitioning sills, pockets which hide an open door and multiple stack panels make today’s steel made doors a great solution for any home.

If you want your interior and outdoor space to have a seamless transition, then these are the door to install for today’s modern designs.