Why Cleaning Windows Made Of Steel Is Worth the Effort

Steel windows are more superior that other types of windows in the market. They are also easy to clean. In fact, these windows are easy to maintain and their style makes them quite easy to clean up. Here are some simple steps to follow when cleaning these windows:

  1. Spray an appropriate glass cleaner on each pane. Start from top working down towards the bottom. You should first wipe the outer side of the window. Once you clean the outer side, spray the cleaner on the inner side until it is well covered with the cleaner.
  2. Wipe off the cleaner using a soft lint-free cloth and scrub the glass in circular motion. Rather than starting from the top to bottom, this time you should start from the center. Simply scrub the center part of the pane and then work on the other four sides. Avoid leaving streaks behind by wiping off the cleaner completely. Don’t let the cleaner dry out by itself as this will cause streaks.
  3. If your window is extremely dirty and has stubborn stains such as paint stains, use a razor blade to scrape off the stubborn stains. Angle the razor blade while scraping and do it gently to avoid scratching the glass pane or damaging the frame.

With these basics of window cleaning in mind, now let’s see why it is extra important to clean these windows appropriately:




Steel Windows Demand Extra Care and Maintenance

Most of these windows have “baked-on finishing” but that does not mean that you shouldn’t wash the frame from time to time with soap or a detergent and water. In case you have old windows, they may have corrosion or rust spots.

If this is the case, use steel wool to scrap off the rust spots. This will clean the surface of the frame to an extent of making it look like new. Most window manufacturers have some touch-up paints that you can use to paint the frame and make it look like new. If you can’t get such paint, then use grade paint suitable for a metal surface. You can also contact a reputed manufacturer in Sydney in case you need to repair your steel windows.

Cleaning these windows appropriately is vital to ensure that they will always look attractive for many years to come. Always inspect them regularly for signs of damage as a way of maintaining them. If you follow these easy cleaning tips, you will enjoy the performance and durability of steel windows.